Tribulus Fuel

Tribulus FuelSometimes the simplest product on the market can give you the best value. While supplements that contain numerous ingredients are more likely to bear results, you run the risk of more side effects and end up paying more for the extra ingredients.

Tribulus Fuel by TwinLabs is a simple testosterone booster that may be a good value for the average gym goer. It is a unique supplement that may not produce extreme muscle building results, but may give you the best deal for your money.

What’s Unique?

When shopping around for a testosterone boosters, you generally see products that cost around $30-$50. Some are higher and some can be lower, but Tribulus Fuel may be the least expensive testosterone booster we’re found.

Retail price for Tribulus Fuel is only $18.95, which means you can purchase this supplement for as low as $10, and this isn’t just a free trial offer. One bottle of Tribulus Fuel contains 100 capsules and can last between 50 and 100 days. If you are on a tight budget, look no further than Tribulus Fuel.

After taking a closer look at Tribulus Fuel we were able to determine why it comes at such a low price. Many testosterone boosters contain at least 4 or 5 ingredients, but Tribulus Fuel only utilizes one ingredient, tribulus terrestris.

Though tribulus terrestris is common among testosterone boosters because of its proven record of workout to increase testosterone, we have never seen a supplement that contains nothing more than tribulus.

Clinical Studies

Clinical studies vary when talking about tribulus terrestris. Some studies suggest that it does nothing to increase testosterone levels, while other studies show minimal results.

One study involving elite rugby players showed that tribulus terrestris did nothing to increase muscle strength nor growth. However, other studies suggest that it can increase testosterone levels in older males.

The recommended dosage for tribulus terrestris, according to some studies is around 750mg. Tribulus Fuel contains just 625mg.

Consumer Reviews

Outside labs, tribulus terrestris generally gets positive feedback from consumers. In the case of Tribulus Fuel, the feedback is similar. According to most consumers, they experience greater energy and improved workout performance.

The best part for many consumers is the price of Tribulus Fuel. Because they can purchase it for as low as $10, they feel it is one of the best value products on the market.


Since tribulus terrestris is the only ingredient found in Tribulus Fuel, you would be better off stacking it with another workout supplement. However, Tribulus Fuel appears to give some beneficial effects.

While you may not experience miraculous muscle building results, for $10, it’s worth trying out.

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