Tropinol XP

Tropinol XP

iForce says its new testosterone enhancer, Tropinol XP, is the most advanced testosterone enhancer ever created.

The product description and label have the normal testosterone supplement promises: unlocking growth, feeling the surge, leaning out, etc. However, iForce claims “nothing like [Tropinol XP] has ever been made.” [1]

That’s a pretty bold statement. I’m going to look at the claims and ingredients to see how well they hold up to scrutiny.

Ingredients and Claims

Tropinol XP uses a proprietary blend of the following ingredients: [1]

• Fadogia agrestis
• Epimedium
• Diosgenin
• Potassium nitrate
• Coleus forskohlii
• Vitamin D3
• Zinc aspartate

iForce says these ingredients will: [1]

• Naturally boost testosterone levels
• Increase libido
• Improve endurance
• Provide a massive “pump”

Let’s see if those ingredients do that.

Claim #1 – Naturally Boosts Testosterone Levels

First and foremost, a testosterone booster should boost testosterone. Which ingredients fuel this claim?

Tropinol XP has 1250 IU vitamin D3, which is 312% daily value. Vitamin D isn’t normally included in testosterone enhancers, but it does increase testosterone. One study examined long-term vitamin D supplementation in healthy overweight men. Extra vitamin D resulted in a 30% increase in total testosterone. [2]

Fadogia agrestis is a Nigerian plant used as an alternative to anabolic steroids. [3] It became popular after researchers discovered a huge testosterone increase associated with fadogia supplementation. [4] Unfortunately, iForce does not list ingredient quantity in Tropinol XP, so exact increases cannot be measured.

Epimedium in Tropinol XP both mimics testosterone and increases its production by activating androgen receptors. [5] Like fadogia agrestis, epimedium’s dosage is not listed.

Tropinol XP contains 4 mg zinc, or 26% daily value. Zinc is necessary for testosterone production. If zinc levels are low, testosterone levels will be as well. Several studies found a direct correlation between zinc and testosterone levels in elite athletes. [6] [7] However, subsequent studies revealed extra zinc supplementation does not increase testosterone in people already getting enough zinc. [8]

The final testosterone-boosting ingredient, coleus forskohlii, was also shown to increase testosterone levels. [9]

Tropinol XP’s proprietary blend contains ingredients proven to naturally increase testosterone, so that claim holds up.

Claim #2 – Increases Libido

The libido boost comes from epimedium, commonly known as horny goat weed. Epimedium has long been used as an aphrodisiac due to the key compound icariin. [10]

To increase libido, icariin works the same way Viagra, inhibiting the enzyme PDE-5. [11] The epimedium in Tropinol XP is standardized for 20% icariin.

The overall testosterone increase also boosts sex drive.

Claim #2 is legitimate. Tropinol XP increases libido. Once again, we don’t know by how much because ingredient amounts are not listed.

Claim #3 – Increases Endurance

Tropinol XP contains 58 mg potassium as potassium nitrate. This ingredient is not commonly found in other testosterone boosters. While potassium nitrate does not increase testosterone, it does improve performance and endurance.

A recent study shows potassium nitrate increases nitric oxide production and muscle glucose uptake. [12] This means more blood to the muscles and increased energy. The athletes studied demonstrated greater endurance and strength while taking potassium nitrate.

Claim #3 also holds up. Let’s move on to the last claim.

Claim #4 – Provides Massive “Pump”

The “pump” in exercise is extra blood flow that provides muscles with more nutrients, and thus more energy. The nitric oxide production increase from potassium nitrate is one source of the “pump,” but not the only one.

In addition to mimicking and increasing libido, epimedium also enhances nitric oxide production. A study examining cell protection found icariin contributes to cardiovascular protection, increasing nitric oxide and blood flow. [13]

Claim #4 remains standing.

Side Effects

Specific side effects are unknown, but the manufacturers recommend women and persons younger than 18 should not take Tropinol XP. Persons with the following conditions should also avoid this product: [1]

• High cholesterol
• Heart disease
• Kidney disease
• Prostate hypertrophy
• Prostate cancer
• Testicular cancer

In addition, Tropinol XP should not be taken in conjunction with other testosterone-boosting supplements.


The ingredients in Tropinol XP’s hold up to iForce’s claims. The addition of potassium nitrate and vitamin D3 set it apart from other testosterone boosters, but I’m not sure it qualifies as a revolutionary new product.

Because it is a proprietary blend, most of the ingredient amounts are not listed. However, the product should effectively increase testosterone and endurance.


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