If you are having some issues with erections… not getting them….or not keeping them, and you just aren’t ready to see a doctor about it yet.

An herbal non-prescription male enhancement might the answer for your concerns for the time being. Vazomyne contains natural herbs that have been used my men from around the world to increase fertility, increase the size of erections and how long they can keep erections.

Renaissance Research designed Vazomyne to be taken as a daily regimen and suggests a healthier lifestyle to boost the effectiveness of Vazomyne.

If you are eating nutritious meals, exercising and cutting back on tobacco and alcohol, Renaissance claims that when taking Vazomyne consistently and taking 1-2 pills 30 minutes before sex, by the twelve weeks, you may see such results as:

  • stronger erections
  • increased libido
  • an overall increase in sexual energy

In depth look at Vazomyne ingredients

Korean Red Ginseng -is s a natural energizer.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract– increases blood inflow to the penis providing larger, firmer erections.

Cynomorium Songricium – used for premature ejactulation issues.

Epimedium Extract (horny goat weed) – testosterone booster, increasing your sex drive.

Maca Root – natural  aphrodisiac.

Does Vazomyne Absorb into the Body?

The directions for taking Vazomyne require one pill daily for at least 12 weeks until you start seeing some ‘visible’ results. And if you are planning on having sex, take 1-2 pills 30 minutes before that time.

So, Vazomyne is in your system, because you are taking it daily, plus you get a little added kick by taking another one before sex.

There is nothing on the website that tells how long the pills will be effective if you stop taking them. If you are taking them daily for a few weeks, it might take a few weeks for the effects to wear off.

Is Vazomyne Safe?

There are always safety precautions when taking medications, even herbal ones. Vazomyne is reasonably safe when taken as directed. Always check with your physician before taking Vazomyne, especially if you are already taking prescription medications. 

Price and Guarantee Policy

When you purchase a one month supply of Vazomyne from their website for $40.00 plus S&H. You are automatically enrolled in their Flexible Lifestyle Club. Which means they will automatically send you monthly supplies of Vazomyne and bill your credit card, unless you tell them to stop.

There are free gifts involved and extra bottles of Vazomyne. Just read the fine print, the ordering policy is not very clear.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee (minus S&H) if you don’t get the promised results, you have to go online to get the instructions. According to Vazomyne, it might take up to 10-12 weeks to get results. In 30 days, you won’t know for sure if the product really works for you yet.

You can always shop around for a better price, although there might not be any kind of money back guarantee.


Vazomyne does contain some natural ingredients that are proven. Vazomyne claims they have the right proportion of each ingredient to get the job done. But they fail to disclose those amounts on the label or their website.

All men are different, so if might actually work for some, but others may be very disappointed.

And there is the 30 day money back guarantee that is offered, but it takes up to 10-12 weeks for Vazomyne to even start showing results.

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