Erectile Dysfunction happens to millions, yes millions, of men in the United States. It is not as uncommon as you think and there is something you can do about it. So no more panicking and think you are never can enjoy those sexual pleasures again.

Vialafil claims it is the strongest alternative to Viagra. This male sexual enhancer says it promotes healthy erectile function and will increase the number of ejaculatory contractions for much longer lasting orgasms. If you understand how the penis works it is easier to understand what supplements and medications do to help.

The penis contains 3 masses of spongy tissue that play a crucial role. The 2 corpora cavernosa are located along the shaft of the penis, while the corpus spongiosum surrounds the uretha. During arousal, blood enters all areas, and the penis becomes erect as a result. More blood flow equals more engorged tissues which means bigger erections.

Vialafil says it has ingredients that help increase the blood flow to the penis to allow for firmer, harder erections. You are instructed to take 2 capsules daily after every meal and also advisable to take it 30 minutes before sex. So, I guess you better time your romantic moments!

In Depth look at Vialafil Ingredients

This is a proprietary blend of ingredients: there are 12 natural herbs

• Zinc—Increases overall sexual health
• L-Arginine—Boosts levels of nitric oxide, which increase the dilation of blood vessels leading to the penis, meaning more blood flows into the chambers
• Yohimbine—Elongates the muscles of the penis
• Epimedium Sagittation—Increases the libido
• Maca—Functions as an aphrodisiac
• Siberian Ginseng—Stimulates the immune system and increases stamina and energy
• Cnidium Monnier—Increases nitric oxide, allowing erections to be sustained for longer periods of time
• Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa—Induces smooth muscle relaxation, allowing maximum blood vessel dilation and increased blood flow
• Catuaba Bark—Functions as an aphrodisiac
• Avena Sativa— Functions as an aphrodisiac
• Muira Pauma— Functions as an aphrodisiac
• Gingko Biloba—Treats memory and improves blood circulation

Does Vialafil Absorb into the body?

Vialafil does have a few ingredients that are proven to improve blood circulation when absorbed in the body. The problem with Vialafil is that there is no clinical evidence that it works.

Is Vialafil Safe?

Vialafil claims to not have any side-effects since it is a natural herbal supplement. However, Yohimbine may cause some side-effects if taken in a high dose. These side-effects may include dizziness, increased heart rate, hallucinations, panic attacks, insomnia and increased high blood pressure.

Price and Guarantee Policy

Vialafil is found on the internet for around $30 per bottle, but does not appear to have a money-back guarantee. As stated before, it would take 2 bottles a month if you followed the instructions on the bottle. This makes it an extremely expensive male sexual enhancement supplement. With no guarantee, you are out of luck if it does not work.


Vialafil is a male sexual enhancer that promises really great results, but may not be any better than most of the other male enhancers. The price is expensive, and with no money-back guarantee, it may scare many men away, especially when there is no clinical evidence that it works and negative consumer reviews.

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