Could your sex life use a boost? If you don’t mind taking a supplement that could potentially seriously damage your health, you may like Viapro. It is backed by a few clinical studies to mildly improve conditions associated with Erectile Dysfunction, but it was recently recalled because the FDA found a harmful undisclosed ingredient, thio-methisosildenafil, in the formula. Yikes! Despite being recalled, Viapro can still be found on the web.

Is Viapro a product worth trying? Let’s take a closer look.

Does Viapro work?

There is no question that Viapro can help with Erectile Dysfunction, although just how effective it is can be debated. There are several studies that show that Viapro can lead to a mild improvement. However, as mentioned earlier, what we know for sure is that Viapro can lead to some dangerous side-effects.

Even though Viapro may give you great results, the FDA issued a recall of Viapro in 2008 due to health concerns. This is because thio-methisosildenafil, an ingredient with dangerous side-effects, was found in the formula.

Price and Guarantee Policy

Despite being recalled, Viapro can still be found from various retailers on the web (most were international). We found a month’s supply of Viapro for as little as $30. If you do decide to purchase Viapro, use it with caution. There have been several reports of counterfeit products. Although retailers claim to have the genuine product, there is no real way of knowing.

We were unable to find a money-back guarantee for any of the Viapro products.


Viapro looks like it can be mildly effective as a sexual supplement that can help with Erectile Dysfunction. However, it is a dangerous supplement. Viapro is so dangerous that it was recalled and taken off the market. It is never a good sign for a testosterone supplements when most of the hits from search engines are soliciting lawyers hoping to convince past users to join a class-action lawsuit.

The ultimate decision of whether or not to purchase Viapro is yours to make. However, if the decision were ours, we would stay clear. Viapro is only mildly effective and could jeopardize your health. There are much better testosterone supplements available for lower prices without the potentially hazardous side-effects.

If you have tried Viapro, in the past, please tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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