We all know that having performance problems can really make a man feel inadequate but did you ever think about how it makes a woman feel. I was once in a relationship with a man that could not perform. It made me feel as though I was not good enough and could not live up to some sort of pornographic ideal of a woman. Later, after we broke up, it came out that he was actually gay.

Whatever the issue is, your partner probably feels just as bad about themselves as you do when there are performance issues. This is why choosing a sexual enhancement supplement is really for you and your partner. Viapure is a natural alternative to prescription erectile dysfunction medication. The testosterone supplement claims to work to give you a rock solid erection for up to four hours.

Viapure works by increasing your blood flow to your penis in order to fill that sucker up. Viapure claims to have a solid formula that will enhance both your and your partners pleasure. Take a look at the ingredients below to find out if  Viapure could be the sexual enhancement supplement you are looking for.

In Depth Look at Viapure Ingredients

Velvet Deer – This strange ingredient actually has a lot of good health benefits. It can be great for your heart health. It is known to enhance your overall energy levels and vigor. It is also great for your joints. However, the scientific research about it’s sexual health benefits are lacking. It has amino acids that are thought to possibly increase your testosterone levels but this is not proven.

Maca Root – This is a root that is thought to enhance your libido and sperm count. It can reduce your stress levels and is even thought to fight depression. However, this is another unstudied ingredient.

L-Arginine – This is the only proven sexual enahcnement ingredient in the formula. It can enhance your libido and increase your overall sexual appetite. It is an essential amino acid.

Safed Musl – This is known as a natural aphrodisiac.

Is Viapure Safe?

Viapure is generally safe but you should always contact a doctor before beginning any new sexual supplement. This is especially true for older gentlemen that may have a history of medical illness. Also, if you are taking any medications it is important to get in touch with your doctor before trying Viapure.

Price and Guarantee Policy

Viapure does not seem to be for sale any longer. It had a 7 day money back guarantee which is pretty weak.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

There is no feedback from customers online. Since Viapure does not seem to be on the market anymore we don’t have to worry about recommendations. I suggest looking for a testosterone supplement that is of much higher quality than Viapure.

Your testosterone supplement should have a solid ingredient profile with proven components. Your sexual enhancer should also have a good money back guarantee so that you can be sure you are not wasting your money.

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