Everyone wants to be able to satisfy their partner. A healthy sex life is key to having a healthy strong relationship. Testosterone is an integral part of a man’s sexuality and diminished levels of the hormone can effect not only your sexual desire but your partners sexual satisfaction.

Vicerex is a testosterone supplement that is intended to help you regain your sexual vigor and vitality. Check out the ingredients to find out if Vicerex is what you are looking for.

In Depth Look at Vicerex Ingredients

Tongkat Ali – This ingredient is known to enhance blood flow to your penis and give you a stronger and longer lasting erection. It also will enhance your testosterone levels.

Horney Goat Weed – This is commonly used for it’s aphrodisiac qualities. It works to increases sperm production and sex drive.

Tribulus Terrestris – This will naturally boost your testosterone levels while enhancing your libido.

Maca – This ingredient can help to restore your sexual vitality and vigor. It is also known as a stress reducer and can help to fight depression.

Ginkgo Biloba – This is an herb that is used to increase blood circulation and flow to the penis.

Epimedium Grandiflorum – This can help to enhance stimulation all over the body.

Is Vicerex Safe?

Vicerex is generally safe but some users have reported getting mild headaches.

Price and Guarantee Policy

Vicerex cost about $40 a box and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

It is always good to look over what customers have to say about a testosterone supplement. The men that have tried Vicerex are overall, very pleased. Here are two happy customers.

“Vicerex is great for anybody. I?m 35 years old and I tried it and within a half hour I could feel it working! My girlfriend actually could not keep up with me. It even works with alcohol and kept me going for a looooong time. This pill is perfect whether your sober or after drinking and I would recommend it to everybody in any condition. It will turn your softness into rock-hardness for a long time. Thanks for a great pill. This is better than anything I?ve ever tried! When I need a hand getting it up I always turn to Vicerex. I definitely plan to continue using Vicerex for as long as it?s available!  And I just put in another Order! .”

“I am 48 years old and sometimes have trouble maintaining an erection.
I’ve tried a lot of the over the counter pills with little or no success, plus who wants to wait 6 month I was hard within 20 minutes and I didn’t have to take my second dose for almost 2 weeks. the results were amazing. And it’s not just a little bit harder, it’s standing at full attention. I feel like and 18 year old again. And my wife has that smile on her face again. If you are as skeptical about this as I was, trust me, VICEREX REALLY WORKS! Thanks Vicerex!”

After looking at the ingredients, price and return policy and customer reviews for Vicerex, it is clear that it could be the testosterone supplement that you are looking for.

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