Vigorect Review

A great sex life isn’t always as easy as you wish it was. There are a lot of things that might be preventing you from feeling up to the task, and satisfying yourself and your partner.

Wishing there was an easy, and safe, way to put the spark back in your sex life? Vigorect claims they can help.

What is Vigorect? Vigorect is advertised as a safe and effective way to treat erectile dysfunction, increase stamina and energy, and just plain get you ready for sex! Vigorect claims to use the power of 100% all natural herbs to get you back in the saddle, and ready for action.

Vigorect is a berry flavored “shot”, that you drink up 30 to 45 minutes before sex. Vigorect promises their herbal formula will get both your body and mind ready for action, and help you achieve a firm erection that lasts.

Does Vigorect really work? Let’s find out.

In Depth Look at Vigorect’s Ingredients

Vigorect tells us their unique formula is made up of the following herbs:

• Butea Superba
• Choline Bitartrate
• Vitamin B5
• L-Arginine
• DL-Phenylalanine

Vigorect claims these herbs help get your brain and body on the same page, so that you can enjoy more stamina, longer lasting erections, and better sex. The good news is several of these ingredients in Vigorect can actually help increase blood flow to your penis, and jump start your libido.

The bad news? There is no information about how much of these ingredients actually makes it into Vigorect’s mix. And there’s more. It seems the 5 ingredients above aren’t the only thing Vigorect is full of. Reports from Health Canada (the Canadian FDA) tell us that Vigorect has included one ingredient on the sly: Tadalfil.

What’s Tadalafil? A drug, most commonly known for its role in prescription ED medication Cialis. Well, there go Vigorect’s claims of being a 100% natural and safe alternative to prescriptions.

Is Vigorect Safe?

If Vigorect really just contained the 5 herbs that they list, then Vigorect would most likely be a very safe supplement. But, with the secretive addition of Tadalafil comes some negative side effects.

Men who have used Vigorect report:

• Headaches
• Diarrhea
• Horrible taste

If you are on any other medications, the Tadalfil in Vigorect may also cause some dangerous effects.

Vigorect Price and Guarantee Policy

There is no official Vigorect site, and no other retailers seem to be carrying Vigorect anymore either. With shady practices, it’s no wonder that Vigorect isn’t around anymore. One bottle of Vigorect cost $29.99.

It seems that there was once a guarantee on Vigorect, but now even if you could get your hands on some, there’s nothing to pad the risk.

Virgorect Conclusoin

Is Vigorect’s absence from the market something to be missed? No. You’re not missing out on anything without Vigorect in your life.

Even in Vigorect’s hay day, the customer reviews are all pretty much the same: bad. Men complain that Vigorect didn’t work, and that Vigorect left them with some uncomfortable, and embarrassing, side effects.

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