Virility EX

STRESS.  The number one killer of sex drive.  Stress is followed closely by disease, bad health habits like smoking and AGING.  Yuck.

Oh, and let’s not forget another major contributor to waning desire–ANXIETY OVER SIZE AND ERECTION QUALITY.


Look fellas, your women love you no matter what–as long as you treat them right.

(Never mind, I know you still want a bigger penis.)

Virility EX toots its own horn as being THE NUMBER ONE LIBIDO AND ENLARGEMENT SUPPLEMENT ON THE MARKET. Of course, some supplements like T-UP Black give this one a run for their money.

It’s hard to be number one.  I’ve struggled with it for years.

Here are the claims:

  • 100 % natural herbal ingredients
  • No pumps are required
  • There are no weights needed
  • No surgery is required
  • Discreet delivery and billing worldwide
  • Lifetime Membership to Their Male Enhancement Online Program
  • E- Book – The Art of Dating
  • E- Book – Secrets of Total Satisfaction

Want a bigger one?  Desire your–ahem–desire back?

Read on…

In Depth Look at Virility EX Ingredients

Virility EX contains the following:

  • Yohimbe –for increased libido and stamina.
  • Maca – boosts libido with its high protein content.
  • Tribulusincreases testosterone levels which can increase sex drive, horniness and stamina. 
  • Horny Goat – an aphrodisiac so you’re in the mood for love. 
  • Elk Velvet Antler – raises testosterone levels and improves libido. 
  • Eleuthero – boosts sex hormones so you’re feel like gettin’ it on.
  • Longjack– aka “Tongat Ali” – for improved sexual performance.
  • Catuaba – for improvement of erectile dysfunction, and works as an aphrodisiac. 
  • Muira Puama– for sexual dysfunction.
  • Oat Straw – for a healthy heart and lowering LDL cholesterol.
  • Damiana – an aphrodisiac which increases libido and improves sexual stamina.   
  • Sarsaparilla– not just a drink! Increases libido.

Unfortunately Virility EX does not disclose ingredient quantity–and as such it’s hard to gauge ingredient effectiveness!

Does Virility EX Absorb into the Body?

As with most sexual performance products, Virility EX is supposed to work better over time.

Is Virility EX Safe?

Virility EX does contain YOHIMBE which can be unsafe for people with high blood pressure.  Consult your physician before using Virility EX if you have this health problem. 

Price and Guarantee Policy

Virility EX is $49.95 for one bottle–which seems pricy.  But the deals do get sweeter if you buy in bulk.

The return policy comes with plenty of conditions, so please read the fine print before ordering.  At its most basic, you can’t return opened bottles.  So it seems more of a “buyers remorse” policy than a refund!


The ordering system seems confusing–and without giving all my personal information I couldn’t probe Virility EX deep enough (pardon the pun) to find out specifics.  Please make sure you’re not signing up for an autoshipment program where your credit card is going to be dinged every month.

Testimonials are really mixed, but my personal opinion is this–there’s no pill on earth that’s going to change what “yo mama gave you”.  This pill may help improve desire and stamina–and even erection–but it’s not going to make you huge.

Sorry chaps…

Instead, check out T-UP Black and see what it can do for you.

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