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Virmax TVirmax T was designed “to boost low testosterone levels without the use of artificial ingredients,” according to the product’s website.

Since Virmax T uses natural ingredients, it doesn’t require a prescription. It’s also supposed to be safer and naturally effective. So, is Virmax T worth buying?

Look over my review before you decide…

What’s Inside the Virmax T Formula?

The name “Virmax” comes from combining “virility” and “max.” Hence the company’s claim: “Virmax: Take your virility to the max!” But, are the ingredients powerful enough to back up this claim?

Tribulus Extract. Researchers believe tribulus extract boosts testosterone by releasing luteinizing hormones, which prompt the testes to produce more testosterone. Animal research shows tribulus extract increases testosterone.[1] And, a study involving men showed the extract elevates libido and improves erectile function.[2]

Fenugreek Extract. Saponins within fenugreek extract stimulate testosterone production. This was shown during a study in which men taking fenugreek extract dramatically raised their testosterone levels.[3]

Korean Ginseng Extract. Research is lacking to prove Korean ginseng extract boosts testosterone. However, several studies show the extract enhances libido and strengthens erections.[4][5][6]

Epimedium Extract. Also known as horny goat weed, epimedium extract is an alleged aphrodisiac. It contains icariin, which increases blood flow by releasing nitric oxide.[7] As a result, epimedium extract may make erections stronger and longer-lasting.

LJ100. LJ100 is a powerful eurycoma longifolia extract. I couldn’t find studies on LJ100 specifically, but there is a study on eurycoma longifolia. In the study, participants taking eurycoma longifolia increased testosterone levels to normal.[8] This is impressive because most participants had low testosterone before the study.

How to Use Virmax T

Each Virmax T box holds 30 tablets. The recommended dosage is 1 tablet a day, so the box lasts 30 days.

The manufacturer doesn’t say when to take Virmax T. Usually, the best time to take a testosterone supplement is 30 minutes before a meal or exercise. Virmax T can be taken before bedtime, too

For best results, eat a healthy diet and exercise consistently while using Virmax T. Its ingredients are powerful but may not be effective if users don’t practice healthy lifestyle habits.

Ingredient Safety

According to, tribulus terrestris is safe up to 8 weeks. No study has lasted longer than 8 weeks, so long-term safety is unknown.[9]

Fenugreek extract is safe but may cause diarrhea, stomach upset, and bloating.[9]

Korean ginseng extract is safe for less than 3 months but may be unsafe long-term. The most common side effect is insomnia.[9]

Some epimedium extracts are “possibly safe when used for up to 2 years,” says, but doesn’t specify which extracts.[9]

There aren’t enough studies involving LJ100 to prove definitively the ingredient is safe.

Are Effective Dosages Included?

The Virmax T website does not disclose the entire ingredient list, let alone dosages. I found the ingredient list on, but it doesn’t disclose dosages either.

Virmax T must have proven dosages to be effective.

For example, clinical research shows 600 mg fenugreek extract elevates testosterone levels.[3] Smaller dosages were not tested so there’s no proof they are effective. If Virmax T doesn’t have 600 mg fenugreek extract, the ingredient won’t be effective – and the same goes for every other ingredient.

Since dosages are not disclosed, I don’t know if Virmax T has effective ingredient amounts.

Where to Buy Virmax T

The official website — — doesn’t sell Virmax T but rather refers customers to these online retailers:

• $24.99 per box
• Shipping costs $5.49
• 30-day return policy for opened/unopened items

• $24.99 per box
• Shipping costs $5.49
• 30-day return policy for damaged items

• $24.99 per box
• Shipping costs $5.99
• 30-day return policy for unopened items

Is Virmax T Worth Buying?

Virmax T uses the same ingredients as the best testosterone supplements. However, the manufacturer doesn’t reveal the dosages. Virmax T must have safe, effective dosages or the ingredients may be ineffective or cause side effects.

I turned to customer reviews for answers but was disappointed because there aren’t any online. Virmax T is affordable but is it a good value? Since critical ingredient information is lacking, I don’t know.

If you want an effective testosterone supplement, I recommend buying one with proven ingredients, the recommended dosages, and positive customer reviews.


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