Zygain Extender

The male enhancement industry is on the rise (pardon the pun)–not only catering to erectile dysfunction and libido issues, but also to increasing penis length and girth. 

Most products take an inward approach to solving sexual woes, but some take a more outward physical approach.  Zygain Extender is such a product.

Did you know that the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs hung weights from their penises so they could be superior in masculinity?  And in other modern-day cultures tribesmen are hanging stone weights to the tip of their penises from boyhood–until they’re swinging around a whopping 20 lbs in their teens. 

And the result?  18 inch penises are not uncommon!

Zygain Extender doesn’t promise you an 18 inch penis–in fact it tells you “results will vary”–and while the delivery is less primitive than tribal practices, and you may not quite “walk like an Egyptian”, their device is still adding weight to your penis to stretch it out.

How does the Extender work?

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In Depth Look at Zygain Extender Ingredients

Zygain Extender works by stretching out the penis which divides the tissue cells–which then work overtime multiplying, to fill the void.  This expansion creates a larger mass of tissue and blood cells–which results in more blood flow to the penis.  And more blood flow equals longer, harder erections.

And the results are permanent.

Will it really work?  Well consider other people from world cultures who use tensile force that causes the body to react an adapt.  The Panuang Tribe of Burma use neck rings to elongate the neck overtime.  And some African tribes practice earlobe and lip stretching.

If you place enough weight and force on physical matter, it will have to give, and adapt.

The ZyGain® Extender has a specially designed ring made of “plastic material” that is designed to fit any penis size, and a plastic and silicone holder that you fasten around the head of the penis.  Between the ring and holder two “dynamic metal bars are attached, applying an adjustable tension between 1.5 and 3.5 lbs.” 

(At least it doesn’t adjust to 20…)

Is Zygain Extender Safe?

I am torn here–and so may be any user of the Zygain Extender!  While the manufacturers state this product is “relatively safe”, I don’t personally believe the words “relatively safe” and “PENIS” should be in the same sentence.

I feel it’s almost as bad as buying a home lobotomy kit.  But that’s just me.

Bottom line–you’re manipulating and stretching out what nature gave you.  I would first consult a physician before using this device.

Price and Guarantee Policy

The Zygain Extender is expensive at $199.99 plus shipping and handling. 

You can return it–and have 180 days to do so–but you will not be refunded shipping and handling costs, or the cost to ship it back.  And there’s a $50 restocking fee.


The Zygain Extender offers permanent results.  I would question whether this product would only solve the problem of size however–if it really works.  If you also have erectile dysfunction issues, you’ll still  have erectile dysfunction issues.  And you know what they say–“The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

I could not find consumer testimonials on the Zygain Extender.  Either men are afraid to try this device (and I don’t blame them), or they’re too embarrassed to review it!

If I were you I would talk to your doc before ordering…

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